CORK Roller

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Release built-up tension and relieve stiffness with the most eco-friendly "Not-FOAM" roller in the world! The Rawlogy compact cork massage roller gives you the ultimate deep-tissue massage in a small, ultra-firm package. The compact size is great for travel or storing the roller in tight spaces. Ideal for single arm and single leg work. A versatile choice for injury prevention, rehab, and even just for warming up muscles prior to running, the cork rollers deliver an ultra-firm massaging effect. With its dense core, this roller offers incredible stability as you apply more weight.


This roller packs some serious massing power. The ultra-firm cork surace is perfect for targeting larger tight muscles. The cork roller is stubby enough to fit insides your carry-on bag! It's also designed with rounded edges to protect the cork from chips or cracking.

Measuring only 3.75in x 12in (10cm x 30cm), and under 2 lbs. 

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