Belmont Blanket

Dog Water Bowl- Collapsible

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Made by Belmont Blanket! We are introducing a 100% cotton water (feed) bowl that weighs less than 2 ounces and holds >32 ounces of liquid or feed. We hand build the bowl in Portland, Oregon and it has no seams. Our brand tag acts as a functional loop to attach to a pack or belt.

The urban adventurer that cares about their adventure dog's hydration needs should consider this. Comparable products are made from petroleum and likely produced in China. Hmmmm!?!?!?

Yes, it will hold water for days and not leach. We searched the world and found an innovative mill in Scotland that developed a waterPROOF waxed cotton for the luxury outerwear brand Barbour UK. After visiting Scotland this past summer to meet the team and tour the plant, we now source directly from the mill.

Whether on a full day hunt in dry terrain or a day hike where the water contain giardia, you can dispense a bit of water in the bowl and hydrate your canine friend. Additionally, no clean water is wasted.