The Green Tap

The "Dishes Are Never Done" Bundle

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This is the perfect gift for someone who enjoys cooking and being in their kitchen. These look so simple and beautiful on the counter!

Sponge Cloth* - Ten & Co. Swedish Sponge Cloths hold up to 15x its weight in liquid! They replace the use of us tp 17 rolls of paper towels. They clean without streaking, are biodegradable, can be composted, and are naturally anti-bacterial. *Please specify which sponge cloth you would like in the notes section at checkout.

Dish Washing Block- No Tox Life's Zero Waste Dishwash Block is a cleaning powerhouse. Its cuts stubborn grime and grease on dishes, pots and pans. You can use it for cleaning all over your home. It takes stains out of laundry, takes labels off of jars, spot cleans your carpet and wipes down your counters!

Moso Bamboo Soap Shelf- This is the perfect dry resting spot for the Dish Block! 

Bamboo Dish Brush- this brush helps you reduce your plastic waste in the kitchen. The removable head  is made out of plant bristles and the handle is made from teakwood.