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Pure Vermont Organic Maple Syrup

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The grades of pure maple syrup are based on color and flavor. They do not relate to quality. The grades are meant to help identify the right flavor profile for the palate or recipe. As a rule, the darker the maple syrup color, the more robust the flavor. Maple is broken into two main categories – Grade A and Processing Grade.

Grade A Amber, Rich

Solid base maple flavor, also described as ‘true maple flavor.’ With a stronger maple flavor than Grade A Golden Delicate, but without the slight caramel flavor notes often found in Grade A Dark Robust.

Amber, Rich maple syrup’s all maple flavor makes it popular for table and all around use. Use it on pancakes, waffles and French toast, over yogurt and fruit, or in your coffee or tea.

Grade A Dark, Robust

A pronounced maple flavor, caramel and brown sugar flavor notes are also present. The greatest volume of pure maple syrup sold for any one grade is Dark, Robust, so, it’s often called “the mass market grade.” Sometimes there is a slight burn in the back of the throat as compared to Amber, Rich Maple Syrup. It should not be bitter or overpowering.

Preferred by some for table use, and its strong flavor makes it best for cooking. It is the darkest consumer grade available. Its heartier maple flavor makes it popular for table and all around use, as well as cooking. Try substituting Dark, Robust Maple Syrup for sugar in recipes, or pour over oatmeal, in cold cereal, and as a sweetener in pasta sauces, beans and cooking.