Who We Are

Hi! I’m Devon. Welcome to The Green Tap. I am a busy mom of 3 children and the founder and owner of The Green Tap. Living in Vermont for many years sparked a love for nature and our planet. Having a family sparked a love for ease and convenience. When developing the idea for The Green Tap, I wanted to find a way to combine easy and convenient with safe and responsible. Now you can tread a bit greener on our planet while maintaining an easy and convenient lifestyle. That means making small changes that have a big impact on the world we live in without sacrificing convenience. Who has time to add another item to their to-do list?

The Green Tap. All of the convenience. None of the guilt.

What We Offer

Refillable Products:
We sell soaps, detergents, cleaning products and personal care items. All our products are eco-friendly, plant-based, paraben-free, natural, sustainable and contain no harsh chemicals.
Ease of Service:
- Order online and we deliver to your door.  
- Use up your products.  

- We’ll pick up your empty bottles in our reusable bag, and leave you filled ones in their place.  

It’s that easy.

We also sell various other, thoughtfully curated, household products to support your new minimal-waste lifestyle.

We’re here to help YOU help the planet with as little effort as possible.  Join us.

A portion of all our proceeds goes to
Global Ocean Exploration, Inc.

Global Ocean Exploration Inc. is a company devoted to bringing cutting-edge expedition research science to the public through photography, writing, and film. The mission of GOE is to bring the work of current research expeditions into classrooms and homes around the world in real time, to organize our own expeditions focused on making connections between people and the marine resources they use in everyday life, and to create films that can be used to inspire people to share a passion for the ocean and our planet as a whole.